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Earth Summit Post on Fast Fashion by Students from Harris Garrard Academy

Today, HGA are participating in the Earth Summit at LSEC in Bexley. We are producing a fashion show highlighting the problems of fast fashion and encouraging the increased use of sustainable materials. The students from HGA were split into 4 different groups involving different aspects of the show.

We learned about digital marketing and how to promote an event on social media and write blog posts.

We are Ruhi and Bipasna, students from Harris Garrard and for Earth Day we are exploring the impacts of fast fashion. Earth Day is an annual celebration that celebrates the environmental diversity of earth and highlights ways of protecting our planet. In honour of Earth Day, we have come together with the Bexley Eco Festival to produce a fashion show, encouraging sustainability in the fashion industry.

Some effects of fast fashion are:

  • It takes 700 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for one t-shirt

  • The clothing industry is a huge water polluter. In fact it's the second largest polluter of clean water

  • Production of fibre is responsible for 18% of pesticides and 25% of insecticides used worldwide.

In order to prevent this from progressively becoming worse as more clothes are produced, there are ways in which we can help. These include :

  • stopping buying clothes from places that use unethical methods to produce materials

  • Recycle or donate our old clothes

  • Buy less clothes and use what is already in your wardrobe

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