• Will I be able to book on the day
    Yes! You will be able to book and join any event  across the website on the day. 


  • Will I be able to speak to the presenter on the day

    Some events will have the facility to  chat with the presenter .


  • Will you be able to send me summary of what I have booked

    Yes. You should receive an email confirming your booking and what you've booked in for. 


  • How will I be able to get in touch with a facilitator of an event

    Please take note of their social media and other contact details, that will be available upon the finalisation of the line-up across our website. 


  • What happens if I have trouble accessing the presentation

    Try checking your internet connection, and / or try accessing the website via your mobile. If you still have any issues, email enquiries@bexleyecofest.co.uk


  • Is there is a contact number I can call on the day
    No. You can however email us on enquiries@bexleyecofest.co.uk 


  • I have a friend who maybe interested in having a stall – who do they need to contact

    Email enquiries@bexleyecofest.co.uk


  • What if I've booked a ticket, but cannot attend?

    Never fear - if you are unable to attend the videos will be available online post-festival to re-watch. However, any live streams and events won't be available after the event. 


  • Do I have to pay to attend the festival?
    No, the eco festival is completely free of charge.