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Earth Summit Post on Climate Change by Students from Harris Garrard Academy

Harris Garrard students were invited to Erith today, by the Bexley Eco Festival to celebrate Earth Day. Today the Harris Garrard students were split into 4 groups to learn about food, fashion designing, video creation and social media.

In social media our teacher told us that there is so much more to do with social media as we must know which apps are more relevant for certain age groups and types of companies, such as:

  • Twitter is mostly for charities/news.

  • Instagram is for ages over 18 as it lost population over time due to TikTok


Today the students of HGA have come together with Bexley eco festival to produce a sustainable fashion show and today the topic I’ll be talking about is climate change.

As the generation frequently increases, Earth Day is used to create awareness for the future generations as we need to keep our planet clean and protected.

Today we have learned information about social media, as if you want to spread awareness you need to have connections, who can spread more awareness about the environment.

Climate change is a long term shift of temperatures and weather patterns as it can interrupt the pattern/cycle of life and animals. In climate change things can shift such as a warmer atmosphere and higher sea levels.

We can impact climate change in many ways. This includes the transportation and electricity we use and even the food we eat.

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