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Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to Bexley Eco Festival 2024

Updated: Mar 18

As we move into 2024, it's time to reflect on the past year's successes at the Bexley Eco Festival and look forward to what’s coming up.

Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to Bexley Eco Festival 2024

A Look Back at 2023

Last year was a fantastic year filled with inspiring initiatives, engaging events, and a community that showed its dedication to eco-conscious living. Our Plastic Pioneers continued their impressive efforts in reducing single-use plastics, and our Green Schools program saw increased participation from local schools.

We were particularly moved by the students' thoughts on fast fashion and food waste. Their insights were enlightening and showcased the younger generation's passion for a more sustainable future.

The Energy Saving Presentation by SELCE was a highlight, providing valuable tips and advice to those concerned about rising energy bills. It's heartening to see such proactive steps being taken to address these issues in our community.

Our Community Advice initiative was a huge success, with many residents benefiting from our money-saving tips. We are committed to continuing this support in the coming year.

The Bexley Eco Festival 2024

As we gear up for the Bexley Eco Festival 2024, we're excited to share a glimpse of what we have in store. The festival, taking place on Saturday 7th September 2024 at Lesnes Abbey, Abbey Wood, will be a culmination of our year-round efforts to promote sustainable living.

This year, we aim to make our festival even bigger and better. We'll be hosting a variety of workshops that focus on practical steps everyone can take to live more sustainably. From learning about composting and recycling to understanding the effects of fast fashion, there will be something for everyone.

Building on last year's event's success, we will welcome back our local schools and community groups to share their eco-initiatives. The Green Schools program will be showcasing their projects, and we can't wait to see the innovative ideas they've been working on.

There will be plenty of fun, engaging activities for our younger attendees. Expect interactive games, eco-friendly arts and crafts, and a treasure hunt with a twist!

The festival is not just about learning but also celebrating. We'll be ending each day with live music from local bands, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lesnes Abbey.

So mark your calendars for the Bexley Eco Festival 2024. Together, we can celebrate our achievements, learn more about sustainable living, and inspire one another to continue making a difference. We can't wait to see you there!

Remember, if you're interested in volunteering or staying updated on festival news, please register here.

Get Involved

We will continue to offer Free Energy Advice from SELCE on Mondays at Erith Library and on Tuesdays at Bexley Central Library. These sessions are an excellent opportunity for residents to receive advice and guidance on energy consumption.

We invite you to get involved in our upcoming events. If you're interested in volunteering or want to stay updated on festival news, please register here.

Together, let's make 2024 a year of sustainable success!

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