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Surviving COVID-19:
An interview with Carole stevenson


Meet Carole who experienced COVID in 2021 who shares her top tips on house-hold devices that saved her life. 

Carole is the founder and co-owner of Cybèle. Since 1999, she has played a part in positively influencing the learning and development of thousands of people across many different sectors, countries and cultures.


She is dedicated to working closely with our clients to understand and scope learning experiences which are tailored, practical, engaging and inspiring with measurable outcomes and successes.


Carole will then work alongside our talented team of national and international trainers, providing project management support to all clients and trainers.


Carole combines her experience of operational management and bespoke training to ensure delegates consistently enjoy creative, supporting and challenging learning experiences. Carole is really passionate about supporting delegates to achieve their goals and really make a difference.


Check out her website: 

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