Councillor James Hunt

A welcome to the Festival.

Tessa Clark

How Tessa Clark started the Olio food sharing App.

The Harris Academy

Kimberly Ferran

Essential Ecosystems and Habitat in Thamesmead - A pupils view of the green spaces and habitat that support a biodiverse community

Alive n' Kicking

Clara Mayer

Find out what alive and kicking has to offer you and your family, healthy eating and exercise classes for all. Video recipe guides for Tuna Pasta Bake, Egg Abomu and Veggie pasta soup.

The School    of Mindful Healing

Amanda Panayiotou

A guided meditation. Helping to release body tension.

Sound Bath

Storm Mariah Webb

Session on Himalayan bowls used to restore and balance the bodies energy frequencies

Live Well

Daphne Vanden Borre

LIVE WELL YOGA: Discover how yoga can help us enhance the quality of our daily life

Tump 53

Jack Gower

Exploring 3 Habitats at Tump 53 Nature Reserve in Thamesmead – Find wildlife near you!


Emily Geeson

We explore what happens to waste once it reaches Countrystyle’s Ridham facility – the hub of recycling - and how you can help us improve recycling rates further.

Thames 21

Clare Smith

Title: Discover Bexley’s Rivers, project in Bexley and London Rivers Week

London Waste & Recycling Board

Violetta Lynch

Motivating 18- 34 year olds to recycle: A London Recycles research project

Bexley Waste & Recycling

JO Bradley

How to make a fantastic wall planter for your garden or home using just an old piece of pallet/wood and some plastic bottles.

Bexley Waste & Recycling

Andrea Cornwell

Quesadilla Cookery Demo, save money and waste less with this easy recipe

Chartered Institution of Waste Management

Helen Chaplin

Top tips for how to live more sustainably

Allotments - Session 1

John Holland & Fiona Cummins

Having an Allotment - The benefits of having an allotment and the responsibilities that comes with it.

Bexley Waste & Recycling

Andrea Cornwell

A Tour of Bexley's Reuse and Recycling Centre. There is so much that can be recycled - find out more on my tour

Port of London Authority

Tanya Ferry

How people can make the best use of the River Thames as a resource on their doorsteps.

Bexley Waste & Recycling

Andrea Cornwell

Food waste, Let’s make a difference. Find out how much we waste and some simple ways that we can all make a difference!

Allotments - Session 2

John Holland & Fiona Cummins

Eco Gardening and Reusing, benefits of growing, Bexley events & Cory Riverside Energy community Challenge.

The Wasteless Market

Teresa Ewart

Check out our session, where a few of our Vendor's will welcome you into their homes to show you their sustainable goods and give you some eco-friendly inspiration!

L I N E - U P

London South East College

Tessa Oksanen

An overview of London South East College and student experiences

Bexley Waste & Recycling

Andrea Cornwell

Plastic bottle planters. Easy ways to turn a plastic bottle into a fun planter for adults and kids alike.

Erith Yacht Club

Luke and David Burton

Overview of Erith Yacht Club and it's history and how you could get involved with volunteering

London South East College

Tessa Oksanen

A selection of LSEC Student Presentations which cover a variety of activities from fitness tips, to cooking to fun activities

London South East College

Tessa Oksanen

A selection of LSEC Student Presentations which cover a variety of activities from fitness tips, to cooking to fun activities

Crossness Pumping Station

Petra Cox

Virtual Tour of Crossness Pumping Station

Crossness Pumping Station

Petra Cox

Part 2 - Crossness Pumping station craft activity


Harriet Harper

Find out more about the project so far, the plans for the future, and how YOU can get involved

Cory Community Fund

Fiona Cummins & Sebastian Frost

Learn about the Cory Riverside Energy Community Fund, who qualifies for funding & how to apply


Kate Shrager

Who we are, why to volunteer and volunteering
opportunities within and around Bexley!

Neighbour-hood watch

Grant Murrell

What do they do, and how can they help to reduce crime throughout the borough and much more! 

Grant Murrell


Grant Murrell is an international speaker, human transformation expert and radio show presenter.    This video explains the concept of Hypnotherapy, the myths and what it can be used for.


Billy Merriman & Martin Botting

Working on the River Thames

Kind Kids

Georgia Polden

Yoga session for KIDS ^__^

Katie Durrant & Students

Katie Durrant Dance

We are excited to showcase our classes in our first Virtual performances. We are a creative, inclusive team-based boutique School. Watch our pupils perform dance and drama plus much more.


Dee: The Bexley Mobile Hairdresser

Wanting to know how to create an interesting look for the evening and going somewhere special, watch this video to learn how to create a new look

Learning & Enterprise College Bexley

Emma Sampson

Wanting to know more about College options in your area? Take time to find out the types of courses and opportunities that Learning & Enterprise College Bexley can provide.



Louise Chalkley

Learn about the Children's University in Bexley and the CU Passport scheme. 


Patricia Routley

Baby massage and a little leg massage routine.

Bexley Waste
And Recycling

Jo Bradley

A short video to show what goes in our recycling bins at Bexley for householders.

Sarah Tobias

The Engine


The Engine House was designed for the community and businesses offering spaces and supportive courses using technology. Find out more!

Bexley Waste
And Recycling

Andrea Cornwell

Food waste hacks and how your food waste is recycled in Bexley by Biogen

CNT Associates

Gary Parker

Funding sources for organisations, gants, trusts, central local government funding, lottery funding and charitable trusts. 

Live Soul
& Jazz

Chelsea Blues & Kev Remi

Want to know what to expect? Check out my website: www.cbluesjazz.com