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Who’s Behind the Scenes with BEXLEY ECO FESTIVAL?

We have some amazing sponsers here at Bexley Eco Festival who are instrumental in helping us bring together the big day. They’re all helping not just us but our environment in a variety of ways so we’d like to showcase their work with you so you can find out more.


Cory Group ensures London has a safe, clean and sustanable way of managing both its recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

Based next to, and using the river Thames for 90% of its journeys, Cory group helps to divert waste from landfill by recycling and incinerating the waste Londoners generate. They process 15 types of dry recycables (including 5 types of plastic waste) and processes the waste that can’t be recycled through a variety of processes, eventually culminating in its incinceration. Processing the recycling locally helps to ensure London can be confident it is not being shipped overseas and adding to waste pollution in developing societies, so we’re avoiding a problem that has been highlighted in the news recently.

Still keen to reduce waste even further, the heat from incineration is converted into electricity and bi-products from the ash and air pollution control residues are extracted or converted into recycled metals, aggregate for roads and building blocks for the construction industry! This prevents virgin resources being used and reduces the overall waste from our waste!

Cory is keen to support their local communities through a variety of ways including sponsoring our Eco Fest and are holding Cory’s Community Eco Challenge, offering prizes for the most engaging, innotvative and inspiring eco-friendly upgrades people have made to their homes! We’ll have more news on this closer to the big day!

Thamesmead Community Benefit Society

As a newly confirmed member of UK Cooperatives, and therefore owned and run by their members, Thamesmead Community Benefit Society care passionately about the community and environment around them.

They work to support and maintain communities by creating an atmosphere of community spirit and cohesion, developing projects that bring ownership, inclusivity, empowerment & well-being. They do this by organising and supporting a huge variety of events involving a mixture of activities including cooking, planting, hosting growing workshops, community days.

Thamesmead Now (Peabody Trust)

As one of London’s biggest regeneration projects, Thamesmead Now is working hard to improve the quality and use of natural spaces and help people be happier, healthier and wealthier through improving living spaces and sponsoring community events. They host and sponsor a variety of community, sports, gardening and educational events in the area and have even planted London’s first ‘Tiny Forest’ for the benefit of both environmental and mental wellbeing through the Making Space for Nature Fund. With a long term vision and mission in the area its goals are to:

  • improve the lived experience,

  • create growth and regeneration,

  • improve the quality and use of the landscape,

  • make great culture part of everyday life,

  • support people to be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

They’re very excited about the future and always helping in the communities. You can keep up to date on the latest news and events via their monthly newsletter


Our local council is always keen to monitor and improve our local environment and wellbeing. Five key priorities are proposed for the coming years:

  1. Growth that benefits all

  2. Clean and green local places

  3. Strong and resilient communities and families

  4. Living well

  5. Innovation and self-sufficiency

To find out more about what your council can provide and keep up to date check out their website and latest news.

We’re really looking forward to hosting our event in Thamesmead this summer and hope to see you there where you can find out more about each of our kind sponsors too.

Save the date! Saturday 25th June 2022!

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