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Get Engaged! Join the Bexley Eco Fest Earth Summit

Bexley Eco Fest Earth Summit is coming up in Spring 2023, and it's the perfect chance for year 9/10 students to participate in a one-day event. This will focus on the environment and provide participants with real-life experience in a subject. If you're interested in fashion, textiles, media, music, or nutrition, this event is definitely for you!

What is Earth Summit?

Earth Summit is an experiential learning opportunity for young people to explore their interest in the environment. During this day-long event, students will work and learn together while exploring various topics related to sustainability, conservation and climate change.

From participating in interactive workshops to engaging with leaders from different industries and organisations, Earth Summit offers participants the chance to think critically and make informed decisions that will help shape their future.

The event is free of charge and open to all year 9/10 students – so if you're looking for a way to challenge yourself, make meaningful connections, develop new skills and have fun, this is it! Additionally, participating in the Earth Summit will allow you to stand out from the crowd and contribute positively to your local community.

The Four Subjects


For the media section, five students from each school will have the chance to learn skills such as interviewing, filming and editing while working in a partnership with students from LSEC. They will record events of the day of the summit to produce content after it.


The project will involve using upcycled instruments to compose a short piece of music. This music will then be used on the catwalk for the fashion show for the textiles section of the event. Five students from each school will work with an external artist.


Five students from each school will learn about waste-free food planning in this section. Their task will be to plan and create waste-free healthy canapes for a large event. These will then be created and served to people attending Earth Summit.


This follows up on the event in February where students visited the LSEC to upcycle clothing. On the day of the summit, they will attend to either work on their clothing projects or work on accessories to accompany them.

Why Should Students Get Involved?

This project offers an abundance of benefits for participants. It provides insight into the event planning process, from start to finish, giving students a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to host a successful event.

Not only that, but the project helps students develop key interpersonal and organisational skills, as well as technical abilities, all while working collaboratively towards a common goal.

Furthermore, participants will gain a greater awareness and appreciation for the Circular Economy and Upcycling.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the various services and resources available to them and their local community through LSEC College. As an added bonus, each student earns an Industrial Cadet accreditation which will enhance their CV and future job prospects.

If your school is interested in taking part or would like an informal chat, please contact Fiona Cummins Cory Community Learning and Development Manager at and/or

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