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Earth Summit Climate Change Post by Students from Harris Garrard Academy

Our school HGA has been invited to come together with the Bexley Eco festival and local businesses to get involved with the Earth Summit.

Today we are at London Southeast Colleges and will be doing an eco-fashion show that educates people about the impact of the fashion industry and promotes more sustainable choices.

We have multiple groups working on different things to get the event published such as what I’m doing learning about media and our first task is writing a blog post for what we’re working on today.

One thing I’ve learned today is that social media have different age groups, and you can use that age to market what you want such as Instagram’s age group being from 18 and over meaning it's good for marketing clothes.

Our group was asked to write about climate change and its impact on the environment.


Climate change is long-term changes in temperatures and weather due to the sun getting hotter or colder.

Three environmental effects of climate change are drought, the sea level rising and melting glaciers.

Ways we can fight against climate change is through saving energy at home, walking more, using public transport and recycling more.

Today I have learned that to spread awareness and get a business idea out we can use social media and other connections to reach out to people. This will start off your idea to help it get seen with other people getting involved. I’ve also learned that while doing this you need to keep in mind the user group to grab their attention. I have also enjoyed making a blog post about what we are doing today as it has opened my mind to how social media is formatted.

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