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Climate Change Post by a Harris Garrard Academy Student

Today, we are at ‘London South East College’ and this afternoon we are doing a fashion show. This afternoon we will show everyone else what we learned in the morning and the skills we developed.

We have many students who are doing different things, we have been spilt in four groups. In our case I was told to write a blog post of what we are doing in digital marketing and our first task was to write what are we are doing this afternoon.

A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase their upcoming line of clothing or accessories. An informal fashion show is more like a casual presentation of garments and accessories. Fashion shows are important because they are used to highlight the history and traditions of a country.

The purpose of the fashion show is to attract public society. People like fashion shows because most people love to help others to create interest among the public to spread awareness about what is a new arrival in design and style. One thing that I learned today is that all social media platforms have an age limitation (+12 to older people) and different types of information.

Climate Change

Today I am representing Harris Garrard Academy (HGA) in the Eco Festival at South East London College. The term 'Climate Change' means temperature and weather patterns changes over time. The effect of climate change on the planet is that temperature has been rising over time and it is changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature.

Climate change is important because it is already impacting human health and changes in weather and climate patterns can put lives at risk. Some issues of climate change are hotter temperatures, increased droughts, more severe storms, loss of species, not enough food and poverty/ displacement. It also affects rainfall patterns.

Some ways which can fight against climate change is to learn more about carbon emissions, commute by using mass transportation, plan and combine trips, drive more efficiently and switch to green power.

Three things I enjoyed about today was writing our own blog posts about what is happening this afternoon at the fashion show, how to spread awareness to the society about something new and how we can help other people learn about business and social media, I enjoyed working and listening with the people at the college and Eco Festival.

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