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Bexley Eco Festival's Earth Summit: What You Need to Know

The Earth Summit is coming up soon, and we want to make sure you know all about it! This festival is organised by Bexley Eco Festival and is taking place on April 24th, 2023. The goal of this summit is to help secondary school children learn more about sustainability topics in areas such as media, music and nutrition. If you're interested in learning more about this event, keep reading!

What is Earth Summit?

Earth Summit is a one-day event for Year 9/10 students, based in Bexley. It will provide a hands-on learning experience in the four main areas of Textiles, Media, Music and Nutrition.

The event is hosted by Bexley Eco Festival in partnership with Cory, the London Borough of Bexley Waste Team and London South East College.

Participating schools will contribute to an eco-friendly fashion show that promotes sustainability. The chance to work with professionals in their chosen subject area will allow students invaluable insight into the world they are preparing to enter upon graduation.

With an emphasis on global environmental conservation, this summit marks an opportunity for young minds to immerse themselves in real-world applications of their studies and underpin the idea that even small actions make a big difference.

What do schools need to know?

Schools are aware of the need for students to be able to access diverse resources. Tailoring every educational experience to various skill sets is an important part of quality education. For instance, LSEC is giving secondary school students the chance to have a hands-on experience in textiles, media, music, and nutrition.

To make this possible, each secondary school can suggest around 20 students who are interested in these fields. Those 20 students would be divided among the 4 fields evenly; 5 per field.

Alternatively, if there are only 3 areas that their students would like to explore or if various year groups have different interests, we can adjust our offer accordingly. This offering will give textile students the unique opportunity to visit us and see our upcycling projects while interacting with other students.

What are the benefits for students taking part?

Participating in this project provides students with wonderful opportunities and experiences.

They will have the chance to figure out what it takes to be part of putting on an event, building on invaluable interpersonal, organisational, and technical skills, as well as learning how to work effectively as a team.

In addition, the project allows for a greater understanding of the Circular Economy and Upcycling, increased awareness of LSEC College’s local offering, and the ability for each student who takes part to gain Industrial Cadet accreditation which is sure to make an attractive addition to their CV.

Working together, they will create something truly remarkable while having fun along the way!

Joining Earth Summit

If your school is interested in getting involved with Earth Summit, you can see the full information and the next steps to follow on our website. We look forward to seeing you there!

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