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Bexley Eco Festival Recap – Our Highlights!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We’re still buzzing from the excitement of the Bexley Eco Festival back in June. We hope you left the event with plenty of inspiration and ideas about helping the environment and taking care of your own health and well-being too. Here are some of our highlights and takeaways!

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste was a theme that we talked about again and again at Bexley Eco Festival as it ties into so many different areas of being environmentally conscious.  

Reducing waste by reducing what you consume and repurposing food left in the fridge, your old clothes or household items can help the environment and help your wallet too.  

If you throw away less and reuse, recycle or upcycle items, you reduce your carbon footprint and every little thing we do as individuals can help the world as a whole.

Throwing away less also reduces the amount of litter likely to end up in landfill and the local environment. It was incredible to see so many charities and community groups at the festival who are working hard to improve this.

Taking Time Out and Building Communities for Wellbeing

Replanting and creating useable community spaces is not only good for wildlife locally but also creates relaxing areas that we can all use to spend time in nature which is so good for our well-being.

Taking time out for yourself to try something new – and getting off screens – also featured heavily around the festival. 

Very often, our well-being events showcased bringing people together as communities too, whether that was drumming, dancing, crafting, walking or listening.  

Saving Water

With summer in full swing, and the unprecedented heat we’re experiencing, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the water we’re using in our everyday lives.  It might be tempting to get the garden hose out if you’re lucky enough to have an outside space or to have extra-long showers and baths to cool down.  

Although it might feel like we have plentiful water coming from the sky in the UK, this year’s rainfall is actually well below the long term average, meaning reservoirs are lower than usual.

Being mindful of the water you use is good for your bank balance too.

Check out Waters Worth Saving, Waterwise  and Thames Water for some great tips on how to save water and still enjoy the summer. You can even find out how much you use and where you could save money using their water calculator.

Energy Saving / Save Money

Carrying on the savings theme, with energy prices rocketing, it’s worth considering where you can save energy around the rest of the home. 

The first step is to know where your energy is being used.  If you have a smart meter this can help you, otherwise there are lots of top tips from Which? and The Energy Saving Trust that you can try around the home.

If you don’t own your home or aren’t looking to replace the energy-hungry appliances at the moment, there are lots of free energy saving tips out there too.

We hope you came away from our festival in June full of ideas and inspiration about ways to improve your wellbeing and be environmentally conscious. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts as we start to plan our next event. You can contact us via our social media channels or on the Contact Us page.

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