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food waste HAcKs
with Andrea

Banana Pancakes


Did you know that over 25% of food found in the general waste bins in the London Borough of Bexley is food waste.  The first thing is to try to reduce this waste and then use your home compost bin to recycle what is left.  These videos show you some great tips and advice on how to waste less food and save you money! The average family can save up top £680 a year by wasting less food and help the environment. 

We have 4 videos for you to check out - just watch or you can cook along with me!

  • Making banana pancakes - using up those bananas in a tasty and healthy way

  • Quesadillas - the perfect lunch, dinner or picnic idea that even kids can make

  • Easy food waste hacks and tips to save you time and money

  • Find out about portion sizes helping to eat healthily and not cook too much 

Watch Now:

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