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How Can your Education Help You
Get a Career in Sustainability 

Solar Energy


In the next 3 videos, you can learn about Getting a Career in Sustainability!

Listen to Rachel from the Environment Agency and learn about what is involved in a planning consent, learn what subjects she studied at school and routes to get into the Environment Agency and potential career opportunities when working there and top tips for student when starting work.


Meet Ben, a Graduate Environmental (Impact Assessment) Consultant, who writes statements on the environmental impact of buildings when constructed which includes noise, air quality, flooding, daylight and sunlight and how the project could potentially produce greenhouse gases and the impact on habitats and animals that live in the area and look at bio diversity net gain which ensures the spaces built on are better for habitats after construction and what education pathway that you need to take to become an environmental consultant and key transferable skills needed such as time management.


Meet Jeremy who works in Biodiversity at the Environment Agency, looking at rivers for fish surveys, reviews planning applications and gives consultancy on them and how love of nature and enjoyment of geography infuenced his career and recommendations of what you could study at university to help you in your career and the importance of transferable skills e.g. presentation skills and the importance of independant learning and critical thinking to compare and contrast information. It is also outlined how it is key to learn how to deal with stress and perserverence

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